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Am I Going to Hell Because I Had Sex?

This is a fair and serious question. I’m glad you are asking!

It depends

Are you a Christian? We are all hell bound. It sucks. We sin (aka make mistakes, poor choices, hurt others, etc. by straying from God and His ways). The sin gets in the way of our relationship with God. Jesus sacrificed himself to pay the cost for all of our sins. Through Him, we have a clean slate and can have a relationship with God during our lifetime and forever in heaven. Jesus is the bridge between us (imperfect) and God (perfect). The Bible is super clear about this.

So, no?

IF you have accepted Jesus as your savior and asked him to forgive you for all your sins, then NO, you’re not going to hell for having sex outside of marriage.

Don’t hit the sheets just yet. If you are a Christian, sin will stunt your relationship with God and negatively impact your life. You’ll still have natural consequences for premarital sex. He may even discipline you to bring you closer to Him (Heb. 12:4-11). Jesus gives us a fresh start, but He is not a free pass to sin all you want in the future.

The Bachelorette show apparently aired a Christian debate about Jesus’s love regarding Christians getting busy before marriage. This post did an interesting breakdown.

The Bible is clear that good works and bad works don’t affect going to Heaven or Hell. That’s good news for your sex life, isn’t it? Not quite. See How God Really Feels About Sex. There are a million reasons why God will allow natural consequences for your sin or will even correct you through discipline (1 Thess. 4, especially verses 6-7). The bottom line is that even though sex isn’t sending you to hell, it’s time to “Go and sin no more” (John 8:10).

So, yes-no?

If you aren’t a Christian, it makes me uncomfortable to say, but YES- you will go to hell. But NO, it won’t be because of sex or any other specific sin. It will be for rejecting Jesus. Just knowing the truth isn’t the same as following. Knowing he was a real life philosopher or that he says he died to save people doesn’t save you. The devil and his crew know all that; yet, they still refuse to follow Him- that’s the difference.

You’re not doomed to this path. To find out more about choosing Jesus, visit these pages. They’re Biblical and loving, rather than finger-jabbing and condemning:

I am sorry

If any church told you that you will go to hell for having sex, seriously take a step back and evaluate that church. That is not biblical. It’s a lie, not God talking. I’m sorry that group of believers told you that and put you through whatever turmoil has come with such a dastardly lie. Satan gets his jollies when Christians distort God’s Word.

That’s not a small mistake, either. It’s not up for interpretation or something denominations can disagree about. Jesus’s salvation is the absolute foundation of Christianity. If a church gets that wrong, then I’ve got to wonder about everything else they’re teaching. No person or church is perfect, but distorting God’s Word, his love, and his salvation is a HUGE problem. Consider finding a church that is centered on God’s word.

Now what?

What do you do now that you’ve already had sex but want to try abstinence? Great! I’m so excited for how you will benefit personally and spiritually. This is a tough but excellent path to choose. Here are a number of related posts to help you move forward:

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