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Anatomy Rule

Christian Dating For Real Life

This is not your normal Christian dating blog.  It's honest, sexually charged, funny, and biblical.  It's for the hot and bothered.  Whether you carry baggage or a V-card, there's something here for you.

So many Christians who planned to wait didn't.  For many, it just kind of happened.  Maybe that's you.

Whether you're 13 or 37, just starting out or divorced, this blog gives you the tools to successfully abstain until it's time.  It will answer questions, calm your fears, and connect you to other strong, well-known Christian voices.

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Wedding Night Bust

Carol was abstinent until she was married, but on her honeymoon- surprise. They couldn’t have sex. She talks about what went wrong, how...

That Slippery Slope

That Summer Night The summer after high school graduation, I was on a date with a guy friend. I had on a cute tank top with snaps up the...

Am I Going to Hell Because I Had Sex?

This is a fair and serious question. I’m glad you are asking! It depends Are you a Christian? We are all hell bound. It sucks. We sin...

How God Really Feels About Sex

Post Title: How God Really Feels About Sex (and Why) Good Sex, God Says Get Some God gets a bad rep as a sex hater. Yes, the Bible...

How I Did It (or rather, How I Didn’t)

My intro post made it clear that I wrestled with desire and encountered opportunities to go the distance, so why didn’t I end up having...

Get Less to Get More

Making Gains by Postponing Sex Maybe you’re still at odds with God over this whole waiting until marriage thing. That sounds cute and...

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